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SPOILERS! This past weekend saw the astonishing debut of the Star Spangled Avenger’s second solo film! It smashed box office »

The new movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to be released in less than two weeks! So what »

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Well, after reading the excellent indie comic series Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman, Kristian does! »

Spandex Special # 1 Written, Illustrated and Published by: Martin Eden Reviewed by: Kristian Horn You know, sometimes when you »

Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman # 5 Written by: Josh S. Henaman Line Art by: Andy Taylor Color by: Tamra »

We had a plan…really we did! Kristian and Paul got together to chat cartoons and animation but the Doctor Who/Peter »

Image Comics had its third annual Image Expo this past weekend! While none of the Part-Time Fanboy crew could make »

Evil Jester Presents #1   Stories by: Jack Ketchum, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Jonathan Maberry Adaptations by: Taylor Grant, Aric Sundquist Art by: Beni Lobel, Esteve Polls, »

The time has come! Now, just in time for Christmas, we have the third part of our mega-episode podcast of »

Here it is! Part two of our three part mega-episode: The Top Ten Comic Moments that Blew Our Minds! Paul, »