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Super Wordballoon!

By Kristian September 27, 2011 (No)
John Siuntres offers up another fantastic Wordballoon podcast this past ..

I “Gasp” Liked the New Wonder Woman???

By Kristian September 23, 2011 (No)
I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I kinda liked this. I know, I ..

Drunken Master ‘zine Interview

By Kristian September 22, 2011 (No)
Got a new interview up at Ain’t It Cool News with DRUNKEN MASTER ‘zi..

An Irredeemable Review

By Kristian September 14, 2011 (No)
Got a review up for the terrific IRREDEEMABLE # 29.  You can check it o..

Not So Nice Superman

By Kristian September 8, 2011 (No)
So it would appear that the new Superman is an @$$hole. Or at the very l..

Alex Toth Sets the Standard

By Kristian September 7, 2011 (No)
Got a new review up at Ain’t It Cool Comics. This one’s for SETTING ..

Thoughts on Justice Lame # 1

By Kristian September 2, 2011 (No)
So I managed to get my hands on a copy of the new Justice league # 1 las..

Two New Reviews and a Quickie Logo

By Kristian June 1, 2011 (No)
Got two new reviews up at AICN Comics. One for Doug Tennapel’s web..

Marty Pasko on Wordballoon

By Kristian May 13, 2011 (No)
Check out this fantastic interview on the Word Balloon podcast with comi..

Darkie’s Mob Review and The AICN Comics Crew Chat About Thor.

By Kristian May 11, 2011 (No)
New Review up this week for the insanely over the top British 70’s..