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By Kristian February 26, 2012 (One)
Well, here we go! This is one of the reasons I haven’t been postin..

Arriety and The Littles

By Kristian February 23, 2012 (No)
Haven’t posted in a looong time but I figured I’d do a quick..

Ten Observations Made While Laid Up With A 103 Degree Fever

By Kristian Horn November 30, 2011 (No)
Having a fever of 103 for two days straight sucks. Having to watch movie..

Adieu to Ashes

By Kristian January 24, 2011 (No)
While most of geekdom’s been focusing on the finales of Lost or Battle..

Why “The Cape is The Crap”

By Kristian January 16, 2011 (One)
So last week after watching the premier episode of NBC’s newest entry ..