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Comic-Con! Some of the Part-Time Fanboy crew made it down to the mecca of all geekdom and survived to tell »

Our first interview! Martin Eden is the creator of SPANDEX the first (sort of) all gay superhero team! SPANDEX (published by »

MAJOR SPOILERS! The Dark Knight Rises is here! Paul and Kristian sit down to discuss it. Paul loved it, Kristian »

The Dark Knight Rises is here! So Ian threw together a little Bat-Quiz for everyone at Part-Time Fanboy Headquarters! Listen »

Paul here.  This year I decided to do something different with my Comic Con photos and go close up. All »

The Revenant, written and directed by D. Kerry Prior is a unique, darkly funny take on the zombie movie. It »

Paul saw The Amazing Spider-Man before any of the other Part-Time Fanboys and he gives us his spoiler-free review…which leads »