Monthly Archives: August 2016

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 171 The Killing Joke!

By Kristian | August 24, 2016 | (No) | 4555
Almost thirty years ago Alan Moore, along with artist Brian Bolland, unleashed unto the world Batman: The Killing Joke ..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 170 Defending the DC Movies!

By Kristian | August 17, 2016 | (No) | 1483
Kristian is off this week so for the first time in a long time our own Ian Scheller steps up to record a podcast episode..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 169 Batfleck V Man of Steel!

By Kristian | August 9, 2016 | (No) | 1765
Batfleck V Man of Steel just came out on home video. The Part-Time Fanboy crew actually avoided seeing it in theaters an..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 168 The Andres Salazar Pariah, Missouri Interview!

By Kristian | August 3, 2016 | (One) | 3650
Andres Salazar is the writer/creator of Pariah, Missouri, a comic book western. Beautifully illustrated by Jose Pescador..