Monthly Archives: October 2016

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 178 The PTF Film Club- Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho!

By Kristian | October 31, 2016 | (No) | 2275
Happy Halloween! To celebrate the day when ghosts and ghouls come out to play at night, Kristian sits down with Corey t..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 177 Shin Godzilla!

By Kristian | October 26, 2016 | (No) | 1449
A couple of weeks ago the latest Godzilla movie from Japan, Shin Godzilla, got an extremely limited release here in the ..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 176 Luke Cage Part Two!

By Kristian | October 13, 2016 | (No) | 1321
SPOILERS! Last week Part-Time Fanboy discussed the first half of the Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage. This week Kristian..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 175 Luke Cage Part One!

By Kristian | October 6, 2016 | (No) | 923
SWEET CHRISTMAS! SPOILERS! In 1972 legendary comic creators Archie Goodwin, John Romita, and George Tuska created the f..