Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 40 The Sean Wang/Runners Interview!
March 12, 2013 (One Comment) by Kristian

episode40-medSean Wang has an amazing webcomic called Runners that he’s bringing to the world of print via his currently running Kickstarter campaign! If you are a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, or just about anything with the word “star” in it you will love this comic! Kristian sits down with Mr. Wang to discuss his terrific space opera comic and what it took to get Runners to be the success that it’s become!

But before you listen…be sure to contribute to his the Runners Kickstarter campaign! Once you get the book in your hands you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. […] Finally, I had a long talk with Kristian Horn for his great comic podcast, Part-Time Fanboy, where we discuss everything from my work on the Tick and Runners, to the webcomic business model, to my bet with my wife that resulted in her now having to watch Star Trek II. It’s a very fun and very in-depth interview, so if you ever wanted to hear me talk shop for an hour(!), check out the Episode 40 interview! […]

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