Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: The REAL Ep 43 Total Remakes!
April 16, 2013 (No Comments) by Kristian


Note: This podcast was obviously recorded before the recent horrific events in Boston. We at Part-Time Fanboy wish to express our deepest sympathies to the victims of the tragic bombings in Boston and their families. Please take the time to donate to the Red Cross and aid in their efforts to bring relief to the people who need it during this trying time. Click here or just click on the link on the right of the page. We wish all the citizens of Boston the best and we hope you know that the rest of the country stands with you in your time of need.

The Part-Time Fanboy podcast is back! Everyone’s been really busy but most of  the PTF crew (Corey, Paul, and Kristian) were finally able to get together to record a new podcast! We start off talking about the recent spate of sci-fi/horror remakes. Paul talks about the Evil Dead remake. Kristian thinks that he’s figured out part of the secret to Schwarzenegger’s success. We have a small discussion about Wonder Woman. Robert Redford’s gonna be in a Captain America movie???!!! Rocket Raccoon‘s gonna be in a movie???!!! Will DC ever get its movie universe in order? Paul and Corey try to sell Kristian on why a Flash movie might be something worth watching.

It’s a fun time at the Part-Time Fanboy clubhouse! So sit back and enjoy the show!

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