Quantum and Woody # 1 Review!
July 8, 2013 (No Comments) by Kristian


QUANTUM AND WOODY # 1 qwcover-a

Written by: James Asmus

Illustrated by: Tom Fowler

Colored by: Jordie Bellaire

Lettered by: Dave Lanphear

Edited by: Jody leheup

Published by: Valiant Comics

Reviewed by: Kristian Horn

Much like the rest of the original Valiant Universe, Quantum and Woody wasn’t a comic that I picked up during its original run. It’s definitely a title that I would have completely forgotten about had the new Valiant not arisen like the Phoenix from the ashes and resurrected many of its bygone properties with their new re-launch. Like many of the other Valiant books, it seems like Quantum and Woody have a fanbase that remembers them fondly and has a respect for the original series run.  Again, I wasn’t one of those fans but I’ve been so impressed with Valiant’s new take on its old universe that any new book by that company is just bound to grab my attention at this point.

From what I know of the original by checking out its Wikipedia entry it seems like much of the premise of the original series has remained the same. There seems to have been one significant change made, however. Instead of the two protagonists just being friends, in this iteration they are foster brothers. It’s an interesting change to make as it appears as if it could be something that may tie the two characters even closer together than they will already be if the concept of the original series remains the same.

In this first issue, James Asmus and Tom Fowler present a basic origin story that takes the best bits of the 1980’s buddy movie and blends them into an entertaining superhero origin tale. Quantum and Woody is made up of all the standard tropes of the aforementioned genre: two main characters that can’t stand each other, a mysterious circumstance that draws them together, and humorous moments that lift the story from delving into too serious a tone and keep it entertaining. If you’re a fan of classic films like Lethal Weapon or Midnight Run then Quantum and Woody could be the superhero comic for you. While much of this issue seems focused more on set-up and character development than anything else, if Quantum and Woody remains true to the genre that seems to have inspired it then antics galore seem to be ready to be delivered upon any reader willing to pick up subsequent issues.

Tom Fowler’s style is a perfect fit for the book. Fowler’s art technique is different from the other Valiant titles in that it’s a bit cartoonier than the other comics that make up Valiant’s line. I have a feeling that the selection of Fowler as artist was deliberate though as it seems as if the tone of Quantum and Woody will be very different from books like Harbinger or X-O Manowar. While much of the Valiant’s current line seem focused on hard-edged adventure, Quantum and Woody seems like it will have a more light hearted touch than the rest of Valiant’s catalog. Archer and Armstrong is probably the exception to this and if there’s a book in Valiant’s stable that Q & A mostly resembles in feel it would be that comic. Still, Quantum and Woody seems ready to distinguish itself from the rest of that Valiant Universe and Fowler’s style seems very much a part of that intention. I loved the look of this book and the writing and art on it definitely help set it apart from the other comics Valiant is putting in the shops these days.

In the end, I’m ready to give Quantum and Woody a hearty recommendation for anyone looking for a bit of fun in their superheroic adventures. While I don’t pick up individual comic books these days Quantum and Woody has just added itself to my trade paperback watch list…much like the rest of the Valiant collection of titles already has.




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