Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 70 Top Ten Comic Moments That Blew Our Minds: Part One!
December 11, 2013 (2 Comments) by Kristian

episode70-medWith the end of 2013 approaching it’s time to reflect on the past so the Part-Time Fanboy crew sit down to discuss the top ten moments in comic history that blew their minds! Whether it be a singular moment, issue, graphic novel, or series…all fanboys have them…moments when we read a sequential story and it shook us to our core, changed the way we saw things, or made us gasp in amazement. Paul, Don, Corey, and Kristian sit down to talk about the books that made them appreciate the medium that is comics even more than they did before. It’s a conversation that could not be contained into just one podcast so we split it up into three! So sit back and take some time to remember your own memories with comics as we present part one of our three part podcast remembering the moments in comics that affected how we read, thought about, and perceived comic books.

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