October 4, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian Horn

Ahhh…BASKET CASE. It has been so long since I’ve thought about you. Today at Ain’t It Cool Horror the headmaster of horror (and EIC of the AICN Comics section) has an interview with the director of BASKET CASE. Check it out here.

A group of my closest friends from high school would put BASKET CASE on VHS any chance they got back in the day. At almost every gathering, at almost every party someone would put this schlock horror classic on and we’d always be amazed at the depths of its depravity. It provided many of us with many a good time back in those late high school to early college years. Good times. Good times.

I actually have the DVD of BASKET CASE somewhere. I remember putting it on for some friends several years ago. They were horrified. They didn’t appreciate the movie as much as I did. I did have to admit that it was way more over the top than I remembered it but BC is still a decent example of what someone can do with horror with having no budget.

If you’ve got a strong stomach and love your creepy gore be sure to get out BASKET CASE. It’s not The Shining but it is a fun gore hound low budget flick.

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