Taxidermied, Doc Ock, and Baby Badass
October 19, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian Horn

So no new reviews from me this week but I did have one from last week which I forgot to post about. It’s for the book TAXIDERMIED: THE ART OF ROMAN DIRGE. Roman Dirge is the creator behind the indie comic sensation Lenore, which I’ve never read. But I have heard great things about it from friends that do like it quite a bit. You can see my review by clicking here.

Even though there’s no new review this week I did manage to rush out this little bit of comic book humor:

This was Mark Millar’s (AKA Ambush Bug at Ain’t It Cool News) idea but I thought it was amusing so I put it together. It was supposed to be for last week’s column but I got sidetracked because I was busy working putting the website together for Baby Badass!

Baby Badass is an idea that my friend David Schrader and I have been kicking around for a little bit. Right now the site is more of a preview site where we’ll be sneaking out designs and ideas in anticipation of the launch of the actual story. I know it’s a weird way of doing this sort of thing but we love our idea and we just want to get the awareness out that we’re working on it and that it’ll be coming in the somewhat near future. Please “like” Baby Badass on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you can. I’ll be putting up a link for Baby Badass here as well as another webcomic project that I’ve been slowly putting together for a long time.

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