Justice League # 3 vs Legends # 6
November 16, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian Horn

So I was looking through the Ain’t It Cool Comics reviews today and I just happened to look over Optimus Douche’s (Hey, that’s what the dude calls himself, okay?) review of the new Justice League # 3. I really don’t agree with much of what his review says but, hey, everyone’s got their opinion and they are entitled to it.

What got me thinking was the cover of this issue of JL. It looks like a real homage to the Byrne splash page in his mini-series LEGENDS where WW was re-introduced to DC Continuity back in the ‘80’s. Looking at them side by side I can’t imagine there’s a coincidence. Plus, the fact that LEGENDS had the DCU superheroes dealing with some nasties from Apokolips leads me to believe that maybe Johns and Lee are pulling from some very eighties inspirations when it comes to their new re-boot.

I know that the two series are very different but it just seems interesting that this similarity would exist. I mean look at those two splash pages. Lee on the left and Byrne on the right. Personally, in those panels I like Byrne’s WW. Not saying I prefer Byrne to Lee as an artist. I actually appreciate them both as artists but in this instance, I like Bryne’s WW a bit better.

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