Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 114 Our Favorite Things of 2014!
January 22, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian


As award season nears the Part-Time Fanboy crew put aside time to talk about some of their favorite things from 2014. Kristian, Paul, and Ian sit down to chat about what some of the best movies, television shows, and comic/book releases were from last year.  It ends up being an eclectic list of stuff that doesn’t really seem to match any other “Best of” groupings out there! You may have thought that you knew about every great media release that happened last year but this episode of Part-Time Fanboy is sure to give you a couple of extra things to add to your own must see/read lists! Part-Time Fanboy gives 2014 the rundown on this, the 114th episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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