Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 117 The Image Comics Revolution!
February 18, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian


Almost twenty five years ago six of the hottest artists of the 1980’s abandoned their careers at Marvel Comics and jumped ship to form one of the most successful indie comics companies in the history of the medium. Ian and Kristian sit down to discuss the indie documentary that focuses on the history behind the founding of Image Comics, The Image Revolution. Produced by the Sequart organization, The Image Revolution interviews all six of the founding members of Image Comics and looks at how the founders decided to roll the dice and form their own comics company and how the powerful egos within that company almost tore it apart. Join Part-Time Fanboy as they take a jaunt back to the late eighties and early nineties to remember the time that a small group of upstart artists took on a comic industry and changed the face of the business forever!

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