Arriety and The Littles
February 23, 2012 (No Comments) by Kristian

Haven’t posted in a looong time but I figured I’d do a quick one about the obvious similarities between the latest Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arriety . Saw Arriety over the weekend and my family and I just loved it. It’s a beautiful, beautiful film and very much up to the standards of other Studio Ghibli films. But when I saw the trailer and then finally saw the film it reminded me of an old eighties cartoon that I used to like as a little kid called The Littles.

Both of the properties deal with families of little people living in a house and hiding from normal sized folk while befriending a boy who tries to help them through their daily trials. If your kids liked Arriety then they more than likely will like The Littles as well. The Littles are on Netflix right now so go check them out when you get the chance. You can also watch them on Hulu by clicking here.My daughter loved Arriety and now she’s a Littles fan too.

Although I’m not sure as how the author of the books that starred The Littles was able to get away with his series being that Arriety was a series of novels long before he wrote The Littles. The movie Arriety is definitely different enough from The Lttles TV show so I’m assuming that the books are different enough that John Peterson (writer of The Littles) wasn’t accused of plagiarism when his books were published.

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