Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 130 The Joshua Crowther Super Interview!
June 24, 2015 (One Comment) by Kristian


The third issue of the comic Super is the most overfunded comic in Kickstarter history.  The reason for that is because of its three dollar funding goal. When creator Joshua Crowther set out to fund the latest issue of his indie superpower comic he figured out a way to somewhat tweak the system to his advantage and get his book into the hands of readers who wanted it. As a result he made Kickstarter history…and turned out a great comic book in the process. Kristian sits down with Mr. Crowther to discuss his terrific comic Super which posits the question, “What would happen if there was a superhero in real life?” and what hoops Joshua has had to jump through to get his book published and how he was able to work the Kickstarter system to  get the results he wanted.

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