Baby Badass at the Long Beach Comic Con!
September 11, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian


Several years ago my friend David Schrader told me about an idea for a comic he had.It was a crazy idea about a homicidal baby with the strength of ten men living in an apocalyptic wasteland. At the time I thought it was brilliant and as a gag I designed a card for his birthday with his maniacal baby displayed on the front. A while after that Dave approached me and asked if I’d like to work on his homicidal baby idea with him. At the time I had a real life baby of my own on the way so I couldn’t commit to illustrating a comic book. But the idea lingered on and Dave asked me again, after my daughter had aged a bit, if I’d like to work on his idea. That was the time I actually accepted his challenge and attempted to take on the task of pencilling, inking, coloring, and lettering the book all by myself…as well as helping break down a script for the first issue. What a fool I was. As time drew on if became incredibly evident that there was no way I could co-create a comic book, keep my day job going, and be a present father and husband. So after several stops and starts I, unfortunately, had to give up being the illustrator of Baby Badass.

But Dave was not deterred and with my encouragement, he sought out an artist and decided to go out on his own and finish the crazed epic that lived in his mind. With the artistic skills of Tim Larsen at hand, Dave finally finished the first issue of Baby Badass and now his creation stands ready to be revealed to the world! So head on down to the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend and find Dave and myself at booth Y5B to check out what will probably be the craziest comic book you will read all year! We hope to see you there!

Below you can see some of the somewhat rushed pages I did while I was developing Baby Badass. I’ll have these pages as well as some of the other developmental art I did with me at the booth if you care to check them out!



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