Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 140 The David Gallaher The Only Living Boy Interview!
October 21, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian

episode140-medWe’ve all dreamt about running away at one point or another. The Only Living Boy tells the tale of a young runaway who one day finds himself to be, quite literally, the only living boy in a post-apocalyptic fantasy New York City. The Only Living Boy was one of Kristian’s favorite finds at this year’s New York Comic Con. It’s a terrific all-ages comic book that evokes the work of Mike Wieringo‘s Tellos and novels such as Katherine Paterson‘s Bridge to Terabithia. Kristian had a chance to sit down with with David Gallaher, the writer and co-creator of The Only Living Boy, and discuss his impressive book and the story behind its creation. It’s a conversation about the inspiration of an idea, using webcomics as a springboard for print comics, and just what the term “dark” means in terms of story when it comes to telling a tale that everyone can enjoy on this week’s Part-Time Fanboy!

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