Part-Time Fanboy podcast: Ep 141 The Villains and Vigilantes Interview!
November 18, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian


During the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s tabletop role playing games were all the rage among the fanboy set. One of the first super hero role playing games ever published was a game called Villains and Vigilantes which was created by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee. While other super hero RPGs would follow none of them ever replaced V & V in Kristian’s heart. Several years ago Mr. Herman and Mr. Dee discovered that the rights to their creation might have become available to them again. On this epsiode of Part-Time Fanboy, Kristian sits down with Mr. Herman and Mr. Dee to discuss the GoFundMe campaign they are running to pay for the legal fees to win the rights to the game that they created back from the publisher who originally released the game. They discuss why they’ve had to jump through hoops to get the publishing rights to the game back, the creation of the original Villains and Vigilantes edition, and their possible future plans for V & V with their new companySo get ready to roll a set of polyhedral dice as Kristian delves into the super heroic world of Villains and Vigilantes!

For more details on Mr. Herman and Mr. Dee’s history with V & V click here to read an interview Kristian conducted with them during his time at Ain’t It Cool News.

Note: There were some problems with our Skype connection during the interview so there were minor dropouts during the conversation. These were insignificant and shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the interview.

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