Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 142 Jessica Jones Part 1!
November 25, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian

episode142-medSPOILERS! This past weekend Marvel premiered the second of its Netflix shows, Jessica Jones. Based on the comic book series Alias created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, Jessica Jones has offered up a type of hero that is very different than anything that Marvel television has produced before! Kristian sits down with his friend, playwright and screenwriter Jason Holtham, to discuss the first half of the Jessica Jones TV show. They delve into the ins and outs of the comic series that spawned the show as well as gather their first impressions of Marvel’s first female character to have her own solo project! Does Jessica Jones live up to the promise of Daredevil? Find out on this episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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