Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 168 The Andres Salazar Pariah, Missouri Interview!
August 3, 2016 (One Comment) by Kristian

episode168-medAndres Salazar is the writer/creator of Pariah, Missouri, a comic book western. Beautifully illustrated by Jose Pescador and colored and inked by Salazar himself, Pariah, Missouri was one of Kristian’s favorite finds at Wondercon a couple of years ago. Pariah is billed as a cross between Deadwood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is a comic that lives up to its influences. This week on Part-Time Fanboy, Kristian sits down for a chat with Mr. Salazar to discuss his current Kickstarter campaign. The Campaign is to fund the final act in the Pariah, Missouri saga. Andres chats about the challenges of selling a western comic in today’s market, his love of comic books, and why he’s deciding to wrap up his series with this third and final volume. It’s an interesting chat about the nature of independent publishing on this week’s Part-Time Fanboy!

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