Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 187 The OA!
January 18, 2017 (No Comments) by Kristian

SPOILERS! Early in December 2016 Netflix debuted a new show that captured the public’s attention and befuddled their expectations. The OA was a television show unlike any other that was an exploration into something different that was undefinable yet captivating. This week Kristian and Jason are joined by The Extraordinary Project’s Suzanne Clores. For several years Suzanne has researched the extraordinary events that occur in our lives that defy definition; the moments that we chalk up to coincidence or luck but that can affect our lives profoundly. Suzanne joins the Part-Time Fanboy crew to chat about the TV show that dared to be about something ambiguous and yet was somehow able to seize its audience’s imagination and become something more than just an average science fiction television show. On this episode of Part-Time Fanboy we attempt to break down the mysteries of The OA and come to terms with how the show challenged us in ways we couldn’t have expected.

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