Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 218 Conor McCreery and the Return of Kill Shakespeare!
December 18, 2017 (No Comments) by Kristian

Conor McCreery is the co-creator of the critically acclaimed comic book series Kill Shakespeare! Along with writer Anthony Del Col, Conor forged a comic book world where all of Shakespeare’s characters actually existed within the same universe. Much like the Marvel Universe of old in which Spider-Man could meet the Fantastic Four, in Kill Shakespeare Hamlet could meet Othello, or Juliet could meet Puck…any character within the panopoly of the Bard’s creations could interact with each other and existed in the same plane of existence. Within this world McCreery and Del Col fabricated a rich tapestry of storytelling that no one had ever explored and paid homage to one of the greatest storytellers of all time within their own newly created microcosm! On this episode of Part-Time Fanboy, Kristian sits down for a chat with one half of the Kill Shakespeare team to discuss the latest chapter of their saga, Kill Shakespeare-Juliet: Past is Prologue, what other comics he and Del Col have been working on, and how they were able to mold their own tale of success within a comics market that can be as dramatic to survive in as one of Shakespeare’s own sensational tales!

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