Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 220 The Joseph Yu Split Earth Saga Interview!
January 8, 2018 (No Comments) by Kristian

We’re back! To start off the new year Part-Time Fanboy spans the globe once again! This time, Kristian interviews creator Joseph Yu from the city of Shanghai alllllll the way over in China! Mr. Yu has Kickstarted a project called The Split Earth Saga which is a beautifully rendered original graphic novel! Along with artists and co-creators Zephyr Z. and Monica Ding, Yu has imagined an original post-apocalyptic world where female warriors battle mysterious, monstrous creatures using weapons powered by the blood of male sidekicks! The Split Earth Saga was a project that immediately captured Kristian’s eye with how professionally and gorgeously illustrated it was! Kristian chats with Mr. Yu about Kickstarting a project from across the world, being the first team from China to be able to fund a Kickstarter project, and how he and his co-creators managed to pull together a project in their spare time that looks just as if not more impressive than anything put out by a professional publisher!

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