Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 221 The Final Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Episode!
January 16, 2018 (No Comments) by Kristian

Over this past Holiday season the BBC aired what was the final Doctor Who episode to star Peter Capaldi as everyone’s favorite Time Lord! Unfortunately, Part-Time Fanboy‘s resident Doctor Who scholar Barry Negrin was on vacation and out of the country when the episode aired here in the United States! What’s a Doctor Who fan to do? Well, step into the TARDIS and travel back to Christmas Day, 2017, to re-experience the end of an era for the good ol’ Doctor! Kristian chats with Barry about the finale of Peter Capaldi’s reign as the BBC’s time-travelling alien who was hell-bent on saving the universe! Did the ending live up to their expectations? Where does Capaldi stand in the history of Doctors? Will show runner Steven Moffat‘s influence be missed? Find out on this episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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