Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 223 The PTF Film Club- Threads!
January 31, 2018 (No Comments) by Kristian

The 1980’s was an era characterized by big hair, The Smurfs, MTV, and the Rubik’s Cube. It was also a time during which a sense of existential doom hung over the planet. During the eighties the world’s two most powerful nations were locked into a Cold War which saw nuclear engagement rhetoric reaching its height. During this decade, the citizenry of the world would legitimately wonder when, not if, a nuclear war were going to happen. This is the world in which a film like Threads came to be born. Threads was a film produced by the BBC in the United Kingdom (directed by Mick Jackson) which imagined, in harrowing detail, what would happen to the residents of Sheffield, England if a full scale nuclear attack were to occur. Compared by many to the American TV movie The Day After, Threads is a more clinical and gut wrenching experience that holds back nothing and has shocked audiences to their core since its debut in 1984.

This past weekend Paul, Reyna, and Kristian were able to attend a screening of Threads at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles which was hosted by Cinematic Void to celebrate it finally being released by Severin Films on Blu-Ray in the United States. On this episode of Part-Time Fanboy they discuss the visceral impact that Threads had on them and what their reactions were to the film. Threads has been heralded by many as an important film but is it a film that should be a recommended watch? Find out on this episode of Part-Time Fanboy!

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