Leah Hernandez and The Garlicks fundraiser
September 26, 2012 (No Comments) by Kristian

Leah Hernandez is back! Well, she’s always been here but this time she’s back with her own comic creation called “The Garlicks”! After failing to fund the project earlier this year via Kickstarter, Hernandez has retooled the pitch a little bit with some help from one of comic-dom’s greatest writers Kurt Busiek! Now you can fully support Hernandez’s fantastic work by checking it out on indiegogo. Click here to lend your monetary support! C’mon everyone! Get on board this project! Hernandez is a truly fantastic comic talent and this is project worth contributing to!

Here’s some info from the official press release!

With help from Astro City writer Kurt Busiek (who appears as the host of THE GARLICKS Indiegogo pitch video), Lea re-tooled THE GARLICKS from one large volume to a series of four shorter ones and the campaign goal from $40,000. to $19,000. (a little over what her Kickstarter campaign raised). The Indiegogo campaign started on September 21st and runs through Friday, October 26th.

THE GARLICKS is a story written and drawn from the point of view of teenage vampire Pandora Garlick. Pandora comes from a prodigiously talented family, but has no apparent powers of her own. She decides to console herself by making a mostly-true comic using her parents and maddening shapeshifting baby sister as story fodder, but ends up drawing the attention of dumb but dangerous demon-hunting angels. THE GARLICKS Book One will be the first of four 60-page full-color graphic novels, and will have an introduction by Scary Godmother creator Jill Thompson.
THE GARLICKS will be serialized three days a week at http://thegarlicks.net starting on Friday September 28th, 2012.

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