Part-Time Fanboy Podcast:Ep 24 Creepy Teevee!
October 15, 2012 (2 Comments) by Kristian

It’s Halloween-time and Paul and Kristian sit down to reminisce over the TV shows that creeped them out in one way or another. The conversation takes quite a few turns as we go through some memories of shows like The Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, The Outer Limits, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Heck, even the old Fox TV show Werewolf gets some time! Plus Kristian has a freak out over American Horror Story! So sit back, relax, and shamble down memory lane as we remember the TV shows that scared the beejesus out of us!

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2 Responses

  1. I remember back in the mid 80s wpix had one of the greatest late night time slots ever. 1100 odd couple 1130 honeymooners 1200 star trek 100 twilight zone and 130 tales from the darkside…. which is probably we never really watched it. By the time it came on i was passed out…….great show…

    • Yeah…those were good times watching that stuff late at night during school nights! Should have been sleeping! I remember Tales from the Darkside showing on weekends too though. Possibly Saturday or Sunday nights?

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