Kozmik Advance Review!
October 26, 2012 (No Comments) by Kristian


Written by: Scott Kinney

Illustrated and Colored by: Christian Colbert

Published by: Arcana

Reviewer: Kristian Horn

Looking at Kozmik, I can’t really say there’s anything original here. Basically what we have is another story of a space alien on the run and accidentally bestowing an ultra-powerful super-suit/weapon in the hands on an unwitting human. It’s a formula that goes all the way back to “Doc” Smith’s Lensman novels, into DC Comics’s Green Lantern series, continuing through to the TV show The Greatest American Hero as well as the animated cartoon show Ben 10. Kozmik is basically re-hashing much of the same formula that many of these other fantasy series have embraced. So, in my opinion, Kozmik doesn’t win points for originality.

That’s fine though, because most of fandom has come to the point where originality isn’t what’s really expected. You can take an old idea and give it a new spin and imbue it with a brand new and fresh feeling. What matters most these days, in my opinion, is the execution of an idea. Even if the kernel of that idea is old it can still come across as new if given life by the proper creator.

While I can’t really say that Kozmik is ultimately successful in achieving that goal, I will say that it’s certainly entertaining enough. Look, I’m obviously not the target audience for this book but even though Kozmik wasn’t made for someone in my age range I can certainly see how this book would provide an entertaining read for any young whippersnappers willing to give it a try. The story is straightforward enough and the artwork is vibrant enough that I can’t imagine any kid not being at the very least intrigued by what is between the pages of this comic. For any adult fan of comics this read will come across as mostly derivative but for a child who knows nothing of typical fanboy griping, Kozmik would probably be a heck of a read. I know that if I were picking this up for the first time at the age of about five or so I’d just be in love with this book. Especially since its main protagonist seems to be someone who I possibly would’ve identified with when I was a young’n.

The thing that I really appreciated about Kozmik as an adult was how much the look of the book reminded me of the old Sega videogames I played in my late teens to early twenties. You can see a love for the old Capcom characters of yesteryear displayed on every page of Kozmik. I’d be very surprised if creators Scott Kinney and Christian Colbert hadn’t spent several hours themselves splayed out on a couch engaged in the adventures of either Sonic the Hedgehog or Megaman. If anything it’s this plus the presence of other little fanboyish Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the story that made Kosmik much more appealing to me than it would have otherwise.

So was Kosmik something I’d buy for myself? No, not really. But Kozmik is something that I’d pick up for a kid. I’m willing to admit that at this point in my life I may be a bit too jaded for a book like this. But for someone who’s newer to comic book fiction and who sees thing with a much more open-minded mindset, like a child, I’d absolutely recommend Kozmik. It’s the type of basic superhero story that I think young kids would love.

KOZMIK # 1-4 will be available digitally via Comixology on the following dates:

Chapter 1 – 11/7/12

Chapter 2 – 12/5/12

Chapters 3-4 – 1/2/13

Trade – 2/6/13

A print edition will be available at all finer comic book retail outlets on or around June 2013!



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