Megamind, 3-D, and Heavy Metal
April 2, 2011 (2 Comments) by Kristian

Was watching Megamind on Blu-Ray with my daughter this morning and two things kind of struck me. The first being how much more I liked it when I was watching it at home. I remember thinking how much I found the 3-D in the theater to be really distracting. Really distracting. So much so that I found I wasn’t really focusing on what was happening but what was going on in the backround in the frame. Plus, I just think that 3-D looks annoyingly blurry in the theater. On Blu-Ray, at home, the picture was crisp and clean. So I could really look and see all the little details on the screen. I think I’ll take a crisp and beautiful picture over things flying at me any day.

The other thing that hit me was the realization that I was hearing Ozzy Osbourne and Guns n’ Roses songs in a movie that was essentially made for kids. It’s just amazing to see how things change over one’s lifetime. I’m wondering how soon it’ll be before nursery school teachers are singing AC/DC’s Back in Black to toddlers in pre-school. Can you imagine the look on all those televagelists from the ‘80’s faces if you were to tell them that one day their kids would be rockin’ out in a movie theater to the music that they were so riled up about?

In any case, Megamind is a fun flick. After seeing it on Blu-Ray my opinion of it has grown much more from when I saw it in the theatre. Sorry, but 3-D is just getting to the point of annoying me. The ticket price increase of 3-D just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

2 Responses

  1. I agree with you. I find 3-D in the movie theatre to be really distracting. Plus, I get grossed out wearing those reusable glasses.

    I, however, did love the movie (despite the 3-D) and can’t wait to buy it. There are so few programs that both me and the kids can enjoy together (probably because I have a low threshold for kids shows).

  2. Have you checked out Kung-Fu Panda or Monsters vs. Aliens? If you liked Megamind you’ll probably like those.

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