Review Round Up and Goodbye to Sarah Jane.
April 20, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian

Got a couple of new reviews out on AICN Comics this week. First you can check out my review for the INVINCIBLE ULTIMATE EDITION VOLUME SIX by clicking here. Hate to spoil the review for you but the book is all kinds of awesome. How I love this series.

Next you can check out a DVD review for PURGATORY COMICS. Wish I had more nice things to say about this flick but…well I tried to like it, I did. But in the end I couldn’t bring myself to warm up to it. I feel bad about writing bad reviews, I honestly do. You can check out this particularly bad review by clicking here.

Lastly, here’s a review from a couple of weeks ago that I wrote for an English adaptation of a French graphic novel produced by the Lourve. It’s called THE SKY UNDER THE LOURVE. If anything my review points out the fact that I should have paid more attention in European History class than anything else. You can check it out by clicking here.

One more thing, I gotta say…I was really saddened by the death of actress Elizabeth Sladen who played Doctor Who’s companion Sarah Jane Smith back in the day. I wasn’t a fan of Doctor Who when I was growing up. Whenever I saw it on PBS I always thought it looked weird. But anyone who knows me knows that in recent years, because of the Russel T. Davies re-launch some five/six years ago, I’ve become a Doctor Who fanatic. It’s become one of my all time favorite shows. Ever.

So it was a bit of blow to me when I heard about her death. I’ve gone back and watched old episodes of Doctor Who, been exposed to her a bit in the new show, and enjoyed what I saw of her spinoff. She seemed to have a really positive energy whenever she showed up on the new Who and you can tell that she added a lot to the episodes she took part in during the original series. Not to mention that she was able to successfully carry her own spinoff show in recent years.

So I guess I’m just saying a small thank you to her for helping make the Who mythology what it is. Without her, I don’t know if Doctor Who would be what it is today. So a big thanks to Elizabeth Sladen. I hope that she’s enjoying her final ride in that great big TARDIS in the sky.

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