Darkie’s Mob Review and The AICN Comics Crew Chat About Thor.
May 11, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian

New Review up this week for the insanely over the top British 70’s war comic DARKIE’S MOB. This book’s not for those who don’t appreciate crazed comic book violence! Check out the review by clicking here.

The gang at AICN also took the time to jot down initial thoughts about the recently released THOR movie. You can see what we thought by clicking here.

For some reason my initial thoughts were edited out of the column so here’s my response to the question, “So THOR. We’ve seen all of the teasers and lead ins. We’ve read tons of the comics. Now that you’ve seen it, what are your initial thoughts?” Here’s what I said (Which didn’t make the column):

Gotta say. I liked it. A lot. Color me surprised. There was nothing in the trailers that just made me sit up and go, “WOW!” But they pulled it out. There was some stuff that I wasn’t crazy about. I thought some of the exposition was a bit clunky and the SHIELD stuff just bugged me. It just felt like it didn’t mix with the rest of the movie. Like in Iron Man 2, I just felt they should have just told a great Thor story and kept the SHIELD stuff at a minimum. Or just have it at the end of the credit sequence like in the original Iron Man. But all in all, it was really fun. I found myself really enjoying it. Hemsworth made the movie for me. When I saw him in the trailers I was hoping for someone more “rugged” looking but he won me over. If The Dark Knight is an A+, Iron Man is an A, Ed Norton’s Hulk is a B-, and Iron Man 2 is a C+ then Thor for me is a solid B+.

My responses in the column made me see a bit on the negative side about the THOR movie. But this paragraph actually explains in detail how I felt about the movie. Just didn’t want anyone thinking I was a THOR hater or anything. It’s a really solid flick that I actually want to take in again if I get the chance.

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