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November 4, 2012 (No Comments) by Kristian

avengersptfKristian Horn

Discovered as a babe in an abandoned comic book storage box and bitten by a radioactive comic fan when he was a teenager, Kristian Horn is the Founder/Editor/Producer of Part-Time Fanboy.

Initially Part-Time Fanboy began as a small blog for Kristian to publish his random thoughts about geek news. It quickly developed into something else when he realized how much he loved talking with his friends on the phone about comics, movies, TV shows, etc. The idea to record these conversations and put them out into the interwebs nailed him like a thunderbolt while stuck in Los Angeles traffic one day and thus the Part-Time Fanboy Podcast was born!

Kristian has been a contributing writer and interviewer for the Ain’t It Cool News comic book section and is a sometime cartoonist and designer. Some of his work can be seen at his website (which really needs to be updated) www.kristianhorn.com. He’s also acted in some really bad movies a long time ago so the less said about that the better.

Kristian works as an Online Media Producer for a large multi-media/retail company which he won’t name here and lives in Reseda, California with his wonderfully tolerant wife and daughter.

You can contact Kristian by e-mailing ptf@parttimefanboy.com


Ian Scheller

Ian Scheller is fascinated with the many different facets and workings of the human individual, society, its systems, and the normal and abnormal behavior that governs the daily functions of our existence on this planet, and in specific, this current reality.

It is only through great safe experimentation through science, fine art, literature and mathematics that Ian believes he can find wonderful and exquisite meanings for his own presence on earth and his relationship to the world around him.

As King Famous Ian has produced several albums of music with more on the way.  He lives in Los Angeles where he can be seen on drums with The Freedom Ledges, drawing and coloring comics, writing plays, and boxing.

For more on Ian, go to ianscheller.com

You can contact Ian by e-mailing ian@parttimefanboy.com


Paul Edwards

Paul Stephen Edwards is an amateur filmmaker who lives in the San Gabriel Valley.  He began creating super 8mm monster movie extravaganzas at the age of 8.  He has acted in films such as Solitaire and Reynard the Fox for Portland’s Freeman Brothers.  He is the writer and director of several short films such as Gain, Pershing Square, Chemistry, and most recently RePair.

You can find his Tumblr by clicking here and he’s also on Vimeo and Facebook.  He loves being a Part-Time Fanboy and hopes to move up to being Full Time someday.

You can contact Paul by e-mailing paul@parttimefanboy.com



Corey Blake

Corey Blake does things on the Internet, and sometimes even in real life.

As a comic book pundit, advocate and educator, he regularly contributes to the Comic Book Resources blog Robot 6 and runs the web-magazine The Comics Observer, which provides a variety of perspectives on the comic book art form and industry. He also advises for the award-winning documentary and comics advocacy movement Dig Comics.

As a comedic performer/actor, Corey is a founding member of the improv comedy group The You Convention, and has appeared on web-series such as  The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy HourThe Starmind Record, and Mayer for Mayor.

You can contact Corey by e-mailing corey@parttimefanboy.com



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