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Part_time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 76 Poster Art Perfection!

By Kristian February 13, 2014 (No)
Several weeks ago the documentary Drew Struzan: The Man Behind the Poste..

Nick Cardy: The Artist at War Review!

By Kristian March 6, 2013 (No)
Nick Cardy: The Artist at War Written by: Nick Cardy and Renee Wittersta..

Takin’ off for the Holidays!

By Kristian December 24, 2012 (No)
We’re taking the next couple of weeks off for the holidays! We&#82..

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Episode 8!

By Kristian April 25, 2012 (No)
Paul and Ian discuss the new Black Magic Camera. We all expresses our lo..

Playing a Little Catch-Up

By Kristian Horn December 8, 2011 (No)
Well, the past week and a half has seen me pretty much recovering from w..

Justice League # 3 vs Legends # 6

By Kristian Horn November 16, 2011 (No)
So I was looking through the Ain’t It Cool Comics reviews today and I ..

Taxidermied, Doc Ock, and Baby Badass

By Kristian Horn October 19, 2011 (No)
So no new reviews from me this week but I did have one from last week wh..

Doodle of the Day!

By Kristian Horn October 7, 2011 (No)

The Starfire Controversy

By Kristian Horn October 5, 2011 (One)
No reviews this week from me on Ain’t It Cool News but I did doodl..