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Ivar, Time Walker # 1 Review!

By Kristian January 21, 2015 (No)
Ivar, Time Walker # 1 Written by: Fred Van Lente Art by: Henry Clayton L..

Part-Time Fanboy Picks of the Week for December 10, 2014!

By Kristian December 9, 2014 (No)
Welcome to the Part-Time Fanboy picks of the week for December 10, 201..

The Valiant # 1 Review!

By Kristian December 8, 2014 (No)
The Valiant # 1 Written by: Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt Illustrated by: P..

Pirouette # 2 Review!

By Kristian December 3, 2014 (No)
Pirouette # 2 Written by: Mark L. Miller Art by: Carlos Granda Lettered ..

Princeless: The Pirate Princess # 1 Review!

By Kristian November 6, 2014 (No)
Princeless: The Pirate Princess # 1 Written by: Jeremy Whitley Art by: T..

Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach #0 Review!

By Kristian October 23, 2014 (No)
Rochelle: The Teen Cockroach #0 Written by: John Crowther Pencils and In..

Bakersfield, Earth Review!

By Kristian October 13, 2014 (No)
Bakersfield, Earth Written by: David Quantic Illustrated by: Tamra Bonvi..

Pirouette # 1 Review!

By Kristian September 29, 2014 (No)
Pirouette # 1 Written by: Mark L. Miller Pencils and Inks by: Carlos Gra..

Golden Age Review!

By Kristian September 18, 2014 (No)
Golden Age Written by: Rob Harrington and Giulie Speziani Art by: Cecili..

Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman # 6 Review!

By Kristian September 5, 2014 (No)
Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman # 6 Written by: Joshua S. Henaman Art by:..

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