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Hope struts the boards in Theatrics!

By Kristian December 5, 2017 (One)
Theatrics Written by: Neil Gibson Line Art by: Leonardo Gonzalez Color ..

Comics for Halloween: Creepy Presents Alex Toth!

By Kristian October 28, 2017 (No)
Creepy Presents Alex Toth-The Definitive Edition of the Artist’s W..

Comics for Halloween: Outcast!

By Kristian October 21, 2017 (No)
Outcast: Volume 1- A Darkness Surrounds Him Written by: Robert Kirkman I..

The Dystopian California Nightmare of Calexit!

By Kristian July 11, 2017 (No)
Calexit # 1 Written by: Matteo Pizzolo Art By: Amancay Nahuelpan Colored..

The Amazing World of Aldous Spark!

By Kristian April 11, 2017 (No)
Aldous Spark, Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Affairs # 1 Written ..

The Infectious Fun of Super Sons!

By Kristian February 23, 2017 (No)
Super Sons # 1 Written by: Peter J. Tomasi Illustrated by: Jorge Jimenez..

The Entertaining and Important Debut of the Unstoppable Wasp!

By Kristian January 9, 2017 (No)
The Unstoppable Wasp # 1 Written by: Jeremy Whitley Illustrated by: Elsa..

The Jungle Book 2016 Holiday Special Review!

By Kristian December 6, 2016 (No)
The Jungle Book 2016 Holiday Special Written by: Mark L. Miller Art by: ..

Four Kids Walk Into A Bank # 1-2 Review!

By Kristian July 29, 2016 (No)
Four Kids Walk Into a Bank # 1-2 Written by: Matthew Rosenberg Illustrat..

Sleigher #1 Review!

By Kristian July 26, 2016 (No)
Sleigher # 1 Written by: Axur Eneas Illustrated by: Rob Harrington and A..