Ten Observations Made While Laid Up With A 103 Degree Fever
November 30, 2011 (No Comments) by Kristian Horn
  1. Having a fever of 103 for two days straight sucks.
  2. Having to watch movies on the bedroom TV (whose screen is roughly the size of a postage stamp) kinda sucks.
  3. OLIVER! Is a fantastic movie. Surprised I’d never seen it before. One of the best musicals ever. Fever or no fever.
  4. THE GREEN HORNET was not worth the approximate forty-three minutes of attention I gave it before I shut it off. I actually think it made me sicker.
  5. LET ME IN was a terrific American version of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Not better than the original but impressive. Mostly because of its cinematography. Will have to watch again on the big screen TV.
  6. THE WOLFMAN was a surprisingly good movie. Excellent if you take into account that the director was brought on something like two weeks before shooting started because the original helmsman got fired or walked off. And he knew that if you can’t give people scares at least give them gore.
  7. Louis CK is a genius.
  8. DOCTOR ZHIVAGO is an AMAZING movie even if it does have to be seen on a screen the size of a postage stamp. But I don’t recommend watching it that way. Neither, I’m sure, would David Lean…if he were alive.
  9. THE FURY is not Brian DePalma’s best movie. Not his worst either. But it has Kirk Douglas in it along with crazy mentally powered teenagers so it gets a star or two added just for that.
  10.  I would be dead without my wonderful wife who quarantined me and took care of me for two days and let me watch movies between passing in and out of consciousness.

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