Part-Time Fanboy Picks of the Week for October 29, 2014!
October 28, 2014 (No Comments) by Kristian


Welcome to the Part-Time Fanboy picks of the week for October 29, 2014! Each week some of the crew at PTF will pick their most anticipated books for that Wednesday’s releases based on their own individual tastes. Hopefully this list will help give you, the discerning comic book reader, some ideas on what to pick up at the comic shop during that particular week.

Kristian’s Picks

Wonder Woman # 35wwoman

By: Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang

Genre: Superhero

Publisher: DC Comics

OK, so I don’t give a rat’s ass about the direction that DC has gone in since “The New 52” began. I do have to admit though that among all of the disastrous missteps that the company has made since the revision of their superhero universe this version of Wonder Woman, along with Scott Snyder’s Batman books, was, and remained, the crown jewel of the line. While I’ve not been a fan of everything they’ve done on the book, Azzarello and Chiang’s bold choices have made Wonder Woman a comic that has had people talking for the past several years…something that hasn’t happened in regard to Wonder Woman for a long time. A particular standout for me has been Cliff Chiang’s art. From the outset, Chiang’s gorgeous take on Wonder Woman has made her book one of the most beautiful comics on the stands. It’s too bad that the Azzarelo/Chiang era is coming to an end for what seems to be an editorially mandated direction that’s going to pull WW in to more cohesively align with the rest of the DC Universe. This final issue of Azzarello and Chiang’s reign on the book will hopefully be a distinctive end to what many consider to be one of the better, if not best, runs this comic has ever had.

Stray Bullets Volume One: The Innocence of Nihilismsbullets

By: David Lapham

Genre: Crime

Publisher: Image Comics

Just before the twentieth anniversary of its first issue, Image Comics is re-issuing the first trade collection of what I consider to be one of the best comic books series of all time, Stray Bullets. David Lapham’s tale of crime and noir-like intrigue first captivated readers way back in 1995 with dark tales of humanity’s criminal underbelly that featured a sprawling cast of characters. Stray Bullets went on a long hiatus as the realities of self-publishing independent comic became too much of a strain for Lapham and he was forced to pursue more lucrative freelance work or smaller creator owned projects. Luckily, it seems as if Image Comics has given Stray Bullets a bit of a shot in the arm by re-publishing the first forty one issues in the Stray Bullets: Uber Allies Edition as well as releasing a brand new series. Fans have literally been chomping at the bit for some new Stray Bullets material for years but for those who have never had the pleasure of reading the series when it was originally published, or for those who find the Uber Allies Edition a bit too intimidating, this trade is the perfect gateway for anyone who’s been curious about this series. I use the term “gateway” because this trade will be the equivalent of a gateway drug for any comic fan. Lapham is a master storyteller who is brilliant at captivating his audience and moving his story along at a breakneck pace. Once you read this book you will craving the next edition of Stray Bullets as soon as you finish. It is that good. In all honesty, you should just be picking up the Uber Allies Edition but if you’re on a limited budget or still don’t believe that this series is as kickass as I’m saying it is…well do yourself a favor and make this trade the first thing you pick up off of the shelf at the comic shop this week.

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