Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 84 The Pirate Planet!
May 7, 2014 (One Comment) by Kristian

episode84-medIt’s that time again! Time to revisit the adventures of everyone’s favorite interstellar otherworldly explorer! Kristian sits down again with Part-Time Fanboy’s resident Doctor Who expert Barry Negrin to discuss the second chapter of The Key to Time: The Pirate Planet! Barry and Kristian attempt to dissect the ins and outs of one of the most highly regarded chapters in Doctor Who history which was written by none other than Douglas Adams himself! How did The Pirate Planet hold up against The Ribos Operation? Take off in the TARDIS with the Part-Time Fanboy crew as they take another journey through space-time to planet Calufrax to uncover sinister goings on that only the Doctor can resolve!

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One Response

  1. Every time I hear Barry Negrin’s raspy yet melodious voice I want to cry because he’s so awesome! Huzzah for Barry Negrin!!!

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