February 18, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
Almost twenty five years ago six of the hottest artists of the 1980’s abandoned their careers at Marvel Comics and jumped ship to form one of the most successful i..
February 9, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
AC Comics is a publisher that has been around for over forty years in one iteration or another. With their flagship title Femforce and characters such as Ms. Victory, She..
February 4, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
SPOILERS! Last week the animated branch of DC Comics debuted their latest direct to video release, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis! Kristian and Ian sit down to chat a..
January 22, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
As award season nears the Part-Time Fanboy crew put aside time to talk about some of their favorite things from 2014. Kristian, Paul, and Ian sit down to chat about what ..
January 21, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
Ivar, Time Walker # 1 Written by: Fred Van Lente Art by: Henry Clayton Lettered by: Dave Sharpe Colors by: Brian Reber Published by: Valiant Entertainment Reviewed by: Kr..
January 12, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
Last week saw the premier of Marvel’s new Agent Carter miniseries. Spinning off of the first Captain America movie, Agent Carter seems to be an attempt to fill the gaps..
January 5, 2015 (No Comments) by Kristian
I’ll bet you thought the Christmas season was over didn’t you? How can the Holidays ever be over when a Time Lord is involved??? Resident Part-Time Fanboy Doc..
December 24, 2014 (No Comments) by Kristian
Just taking a bit of time to wish everyone out there the happiest of Holidays. Thank you for listening, thank you for reading, thank you for participating. 2014 was a dec..
December 17, 2014 (No Comments) by Kristian
SPOILERS! As the end of 2014 approaches Part-Time Fanboy takes some time to discuss some of the stunning mid-season finales that have occurred on our favorite nerd shows ..
December 10, 2014 (No Comments) by Kristian
It’s that time of the year again! The Holiday Season is upon us and many of you out there may find yourselves scratching your head about what to get for the fanboy ..